Saturday, June 2, 2018

Edith: The Golden Age

Edith Head (1897-1981).
Edith Head (1897-1981). This woman deserves a blog (or more than one). She was the absolute queen of costume design in The Golden Age of Hollywood La La Land. After making her first steps in the advertising world, she went through the big door to work for Paramount Pictures, and like once she said: "If it’s a Paramount film I probably designed it." What a reason she had! So tell me a movie of this film studio where her name does not appear in the credits. "Catch a thief"? Edith. "All about Eve"? She too. "A place in the sun"? The same one. And I do not say more because I do not want to bore you (what I want is to keep you entertained!) since the protagonist of this blog worked on more than 1,100 movies (easily said, huh?). She was there for more than 40 years until she took her talent to Universal Pictures where she worked for the last years of her professional career (especially in Alfred Hitchcock movies).

Edith Head and Grace Kelly.
"To Catch a Thief" (1955)
Her wonderful hands could create what her wonderful mind dictated. Suits, period costumes, evening dresses ... both classic and extravagant, no matter what it was, she made it real, and the actresses gave it life (or maybe her creations gave life to the actresses? hmmm...) It is said that she was very good at seeing the physical flaws of the actresses and that she knew how to hide them (Ah! How spectacular Grace Kelly, Barbara Stanwyck or Ingrid Bergman were on the big screen because of her!) Thus, a base of hard work and making a respectable name in an industry mostly of men, Edith Head (aka The Queen) won eight deserved Oscar (but she was nominated 35 times! impressive, right?) and she has her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Evening gown (1950s).
Despite her serious face, they say she was a woman with a great sense of humor, very intelligent, and very close (looks are deceiving like the saying says), so this attractive personality made great friendships with the actresses with which she worked. The respect and admiration were mutual and some of them lasted a lifetime. Finally, remember the sympathetic movie "The Incredibles", the endearing character of Edna Mode is inspired by Edith Head, a beautiful tribute to a woman who is already part of Hollywood history (and by far!)

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