Sunday, August 12, 2018

After the Party

Summer of 1968 (Dahme, Germany). It was already dawning, she felt tired, but she still decided to go to the beach to watch the sunset. She approached slowly to the sand, her feet walked heavy because of so many hours wearing the thin heels adorned with a small red bow to match with the bow of her dress. She stopped and took them off. She dug her feet into the white sand and a pleasant sensation was reflected in her freckled face. She walked towards the sea enjoying the stillness and tranquility of that time of day. There was no one else there. Only her and her thoughts. She smiled, closed her eyes and let the sea breeze wrap around her. The sun rose powerful in a moment.

1960s red dress.
The party had lasted until dawn. She had arrived with some delay because she did not know what to wear. In the end she decided on a red mini dress. She thought it would be the perfect color for a pleasant evening with her varied group of friends. When she showed up in the house on the beach, everyone was already there and the music sounded high to the rhythm of pop. She had danced moving her hips sinuously and had taken a couple of martinis, maybe three. The hours passed quickly and she left the party almost without saying goodbye. She stopped on the street for a few seconds and she decided to head for the beach. And now she was there feeling more alive than ever. A wave came with force wetting her beautiful legs up to her knees, a choked cry came out of her lungs, she did not see it to come and the water was freezing. She pushed her short dress up even more and her fingers touched one of the red buttons, she turned and she continued the walk to the seashore, now it didn´t not matter if the water reached her.

She continued her walk with a firm step without noticing the time, and she felt like diving into the icy sea. But she realized she needed some help to unzip that ran long over her back. She looked around for someone, but the beach was empty. She cursed the moment and she hesitated for a moment whether to go into the water wearing the dress. No. It was not a good idea, and she was beginning to feel the effects of being more than a day without sleep. She was still young, but her body cried because of the lack of sleep. She turned around and she retraced the way. Maybe she would come back later, or tomorrow. She would see.

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