Wednesday, August 1, 2018

While The Danube Runs

Summer of 1962 (Weissenkirchen, Austria). She dipped her little feet in the water slowly, because even being summer the Danube always carried its cold waters, it did not know of seasons. The coolness relieved her of the stifling heat and she decided to sit on the edge of that old river that had witnessed everything unimaginable.She rolled up her cotton dress a little higher than her knees and leaned back. She let the shining sun against the cloudless blue sky bathed her white complexion and a pleasant sense of wellbeing invaded her. She closed her eyes. It was her favorite time of the day. It was when she could escape from the tedious routine  for a while and dream that she was far away. She relaxed almost to the point of falling asleep. Her small hand touched the pretty neckline of her dress and caressed the white lace that surrounded it. She felt a weakness for it. Her mother had given her only a few weeks ago.

1940s blue and white plaid dress.
Before it had been hers when she was younger, back in the 40s. She was also a dreamer who sought the stillness of the secluded places. But time went by and she did not do anything to change her life, or she could not, who knows? She thought that maybe her mother had given it to her like if trying to tell her something. Like she did not give up her dreams or something like that. Well, she was not sure, although she liked to think that was it. The church bell rang with a slow, heavy sound that brought her out of her reverie. She sat up quickly with her hair tangled in the back of her head and stared at the spiking tower beyond. She hugged herself and felt a chill. The story could not be repeated. She could not let her life go by like her mother did. Her now trembling hands fell on the skirt of her dress. She looked at the little blue and white plaid of the fabric that seemed to hypnotize her, barely blinking. And suddenly she felt that she had made a decision.

She would leave. She would tell her parents that she could no longer live there. That village asphyxiated her, it devoured her alive. She was tired of those narrow streets, of always seeing the same thing, of always doing the same, day after day. There was a world to live beyond those mountains, and she was willing to discover it. Yes, it was already decided. She stood up with vigor and she went strong to change her destiny. It was beginning to cool down, but she did not feel cold. Her bare arms moved with energy and the dress seemed to dance with each step she took. And another step more, and another, and another...

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